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Do you love where you live, but your home feels a bit outdated? Kenric Fine Homes offers luxury remodeling that will revitalize your house and breathe new life into the place you call home.  Contact us to learn how we could update your home!

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Outdoor Living

Basement Finishes

Kitchen & Bathroom

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Check out a few examples of remodels we have completed in the past.

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My family and I moved into a home that Kenric built in 2012. I am happy that the prior owners introduced me to Ken. As the new owner, there were several projects we decided to work on.

After bidding, we decided on Kenric for some additions. We completed a 2nd floor detached garage for my office, an outdoor kitchen, and a wine cellar. Those are now my 3 favorite rooms in the house! The attention to detail was great and the flexibility to make changes as we went along showed they were very accommodating.

We quickly grew to trust Kenric in all they did. While I’m incredibly detail oriented, it became clear that so were they. I never felt the need to follow up on every little detail as Ken was on top of things. He also made himself available to ask questions that otherwise would have been nearly impossible to figure out on our own.

Over the years, Ken has become more than a trusted contractor. He has become a friend. I am happy to share more of my experience with any prospective clients via phone as needed.